Coastal Soaring in Liguria

Fly the Italian Riviera where the Alps meet the Mediterranean
This program offers all the variety and contrasts of the Italian Riviera: you will fly some of the best sites along Italy’s Ligurian Riviera. A joyful experience of leisure coastal flying along this marvellous coast and enjoying breath-taking sceneries are guaranteed!

There are numerous paragliding sites with different expositions in this area: full days of coastal soaring, as well as the possibility to fly from the top of the region’s highest coastal Alps are taken for granted. This tour would be suited for pilots of all levels; however a certain experience of coastal flying is needed. In terms of take-off confident and consistent reverse-launch take-off skills are required from flyers.

Note that this is a perfect flying holiday for those with non-flying partners: amazing beaches, medieval castles and villages, delicious food and wine would guarantee your companions to have relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

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