The Coast, the Mountains and the Sea of the Marche

Mix the environments: the Adriatic coast on a side, the Apennines on the other, and, in-between, a sea of soft hills, which are filled by old villagesDuring this great tour we will get plenty of soaring and thermalling opportunities either with top-to-top or top-to-bottom options. You will definitely appreciate amazing views over Riviera of Conero and spectacular panoramas of high Apennines!

In addition to flying along this remarkable coast, we will get the hinterland, where you will discover the best of Apennines paragliding. Monte Conero, San Severino, Monte Cucco, Lake of Caccamo, and other wonderful sites of Perugia and Macerata areas will represent the whole variety and charm of this region.

It would be a great idea to bring your non-flying companions. Given the rich history of the Marche region and its favorable climate, as well as the proximity of the Adriatic Sea with its fantastic beaches, a great holiday is guaranteed for everyone. In addition, we plan some excursions to the medieval castles that make part of the UNESCO heritage, along with degustation of local wines and liquors that are famous worldwide.

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