Thermalling and Cross-country in Lombardy & Piedmont

We will be flying in the Italian Alps where paragliding has a long history
The beauty and favourable weather conditions of this area are well recognized: many pilots from all over the world come here to fly year after year. Here, during our long-hours flights we will be surrounded by cross-headed peaks, sharp granite cliffs, and green forests with a patchwork of small fields and villages below.

In this region it is possible to make flights of short and medium range, and for the most prepared and motivated, there are possibilities to make long cross-country itineraries. In terms of take-off and landing conditions you’d be able to choose from the biggest and safest sites to more demanding but extremely amazing locations.

Flying sites
There are numerous beautiful sites in this part of Northern Italy. Just to name few: Cornizzolo, Giumello, Valcava, Sorico, Sasso del Ferro, Cavallaria, Andrate and many others. All of our sites are situated quite close to each other (less than 2 hours), at the same time providing varied flying conditions, and thus ensuring the vast choice of alternatives depending on weather conditions on each certain day.

Based on your experience and needs Italian Sky could offer either paragliding tours that follow an agreed itinerary or flights from a fixed central location. In both cases with local knowledge and weather forecasting we will guide you to the most favourable flying site in the area depending on the conditions.

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